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Organic Oils & Herbs

Made in Haiti

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Our company aims to change peoples' lives by providing them with access to oils that are made with organic herbs from our 85-year-old Grandmother's farm. These ingredients are gown without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO), herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Our products are guaranteed to give your body the benefit they promise. 

Our favorites

Meet Izabela.

She was diagnosed with alopecia in 2018. Her doctor advised us that she should get a wig because her baldness would most likely be permanent. Thanks to Grandma's Organic Oil, her hair is fuller and thicker than ever before.























Before and After

Customer Reviews 


Ronald Mayfield, CA

"I was very concerned when i noticed bold spots on my head. I was very anxious until someone recommended Sekre Lakay to me. After Using it for two months i saw dramatic results.I high recommend if you want to growth your hair"


Jemima Coop, GA

"" My hair is growing! Special shout

out to Sekre Lakay. That hair growth

oils works wonders especially when i 

keep my hair under a wig"


Private Person

" I would like to say I've used a lot of products and this has helped my  hair grow"


Melissa Broom, IN

" in less than two weeks, i noticed a great different in the growth of my eyebrows and lashes after using Sekre lakay eyebrows and lash. This product works wonder"

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